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Weather and climata data can be purchased at DMI. The excact price depends on the amount of data.

Please take notice that DMI’s meteorological data will become free of charges in phases from 2019 to 2022.

Purchase data

Types of data available for purchase:

  • Observations
  • Climatedata
  • Forecasts
  • Analysis

Data about climate information and climate research

Find out more about which kinds of climate data and climate information that DMI can deliver with regards to climate research: Guide to Climate Data and Information from the Danish Meteorological Institute (pdf).

Find out more about DMI's network of monitors

Which meteorological stations monitors which parameters? Read more in this report: Catalogue of Meteorological Stations in Denmark (pdf).


To obatin a price estimate or acquire data please fill in the contact form below. Here you are also welcome to ask questions that has not been addressed in the reports and links mentioned above. You can expect an answer within 14 days.

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