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DMI publications

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) places great interest in knowledge-sharing of the institute’s various areas of expertise to users and decision-makers. This is one of the reasons why the DMI publishes numerous studies as well as research in both scientific and popular forms on a regular basis. Some publications are published periodically while others on an ad hoc basis.

The vast majority of publications can be downloaded in PDF format from this page.

The DMI's own report series

Scientific reports
Scientific results from the DMI. Mostly in English.

Technical reports
Scientific and technical results and the DMI’s yearbooks. Both in English and Danish.

Climate reports
Scientific results on climate from the DMI. Mostly in English.

Popular publications on weather and climate

Books on weather and climate. In Danish.

Popular articles from the DMI
The latest popular articles written by employees at the DMI. In Danish.



Reviewed publications on

Many of the DMI’s results are published in international scientific journals. These articles are all peer-reviewed.

Articles published in scientific publications can be found on DMI's research website. See publications on each research topic, or find all publications here on